The Console War and You: Your guide through the madness

The Console War and You: Your guide through the madness

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By: Turner Thompson     An era has come to an end. Many of you (myself included) have grown up with the big 3 consoles. In fact, statistics show that nearly 1 in every 2 homes in the United States contains at least one form of gaming console or another. But a new age is dawning! And a new war for your hearts, time and money is on the horizon as we are nearing the release of the PS4 and the XBOX One. I have compiled a guide to assist you as you venture forth to take a side…as well as sift through the bullsh*t and rumor surrounding the systems.

PlayStation 4

                Produced by Sony, The Playstation line is known for its ease of usability, excellent gaming selection, as well as its power house of console computing hardware. The latest in the PS line, the PlayStation 4, is the front runner popularity wise in the oncoming console clash. Announced February 20, 2013, the PS4 is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2013, and will compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One, as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. .. The Ps4 has created a frenzy among it’s devote followers, while gaining the attention of the fence sitters. Packing a Single-chip x86 AMD “Jaguar” 8 core processor and gigs of DDR5 RAM, the PS4 is a power house. Demonstrations of the system from this year E3 convention are a testament to the PS4’s potential capabilities.

The PS4 will also have a massive 500GB internal HD, with no word so far on external storage, along with access to cloud storage allowing for use with multiple systems. This, in turn, will allow the use of media across multiple devices synced to your individual cloud accounts. Rad right? But check this out. The PS4 will also feature Bluetooth compatibility as well as compatibility with the Playstation Eye and Move and lastly, dual screen capabilities with the Playstation Vita handheld system..all at a price point of 399.99. Not too shabby…But. As usual, there is always a downside.

Some of the cons of the system include the lack of backwards compatibility meaning all those games you spent money on over the years? Useless…unless you wanna keep your ps3 hooked up as well, you’re better off trading them in at you nearest gamestop asap. One of my biggest peeve’s with the system at the moment is the introduction of the mandatory subscription service. The service model from Microsoft seems to have rubbed off on Sony as they will now charge for access to online services from the “Playstation Plus” service.  While they have announced the flagship line up, which includes exclusive titles such as The Order: 1886, Drive Club, and Infamous: Second Son, the listing seems a bit meager compared to the list of exclusive goodies Microsoft brought to the table. And speaking of Microsoft…


             Microsoft’s risky venture into the console gaming scene over a decade ago has been an overwhelming success with the development of the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles. The next phase has begun with the announcement of the Xbox One slated to be released this November. The console of choice for the fighting game scene, the Xbox lineup is impressive to say the very least with Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Call of duty ghosts, Dead rising 3, Elder Scrolls online, Fable: Legends, FIFA soccer 4, Final Fantasy XV (YEESS!!!!!!!!!!), Kingdom Hearts 3 (Double YESSSSS!!!!!!) and of course, mutha f*ckin Killer Instinct  (ULLTTRRAAAA CCOOMMBBOOOOOOO!!!!!). Now let’s talk specs…

The Xbox One is gonna be rockin’ an 8 core custom Microsoft chipset with 8 GBS of DDR3…a far cry from the PS3’s DDR5 memory. It will also have a 500GB on board HD with expandable USB memory. The rest follows suite of the PS4 with cloud system access and compatibility with the Xbox Kinect system. Now Xbox had a problem early on with PR and bad press so ill clear all that up for you right now:

          1)      NO you will not have to pay a fee on used games.

          2)     NO you will not need internet connection to play your system, aside from the initial download needed to update the system.

          3)       NO you will not need a Kinect to run you system while it performs mandatory checks to make sure you are there

          4)      YES you will need an XBOX live gold sub to play online and use things like Netflix or Hulu. That didn’t change.

The monthly sub thing aside, some other problems I found with the Xbox system model  is the fact that games play better on its rival. It seems Xbox took the cheap route when putting its console together and also expects you to pay them for it…every month….for eternity. Or the next console…either way. In fact, reports are stating that the Xbox’s computing hardware runs 50 percent slower than the PS4 at a cost of a hundred bucks more at 499.99 at launch. To say the least Xbox has its work cut out for it. And just for grins lets put some info about the Wii U out there shall we?    

Wii U

                The underdog with a big bite in the console clash, Nintendo’s Wii U is the black sheep of the family. Stemming from the illustrious line that brought us The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Donkey Kong, The Wii U is a testament to its legacy. With Assassins Creed III, Call of duty Block ops 3, Super Mario Bros. U, And Mass Effect 3, the Wii U is doing what it can with its share of the market. A much more compact system than its rivals, Nintendo brought to the table a multi-core PowerPC “Espresso” CPU and 2GB of DDR3 with an 8 GB/32GB flash memory storage system with the allotment for expandable memory. The best thing about this system I will say Is you can play all of your Wii games on it as well…that’s awesome! And the most interesting thing I would say is its accessory hardware.

The Wii U has a secondary screen built into its game pad which allows for a whole new gaming experience. The system will also be compatible with the Wii U remote. Sadly though you won’t be able to log onto your account from multiple consoles s if you’re at a friends and want to log into your stuff, out of luck pal, better head ome . You also won’t be able to live stream from your console BUT you also do not need a subscription to play online….NICE. good guy Nintendo system. Almost makes up for most of its shortcomings but with a price point of 299.99, can you really complain?




Well there you have it. Everything you need to know to pick a side. Which console are you leaning towards? Why? Let me know in the comments below.

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