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Build the Continuity

Nerdpop is a tech company with an emphasis on new forms of Media, futurism, and Crypto.

We publish comics for METACULT.ORG

Currently Rob Mardis is selling his 40K+ book collection to back this endeavor. 

The Continuity

Nerdpop is the METACULT Physical Comicbook, Collectible, and gaming location. The media that we publish is linked to the METACULT Continuity

The Continuity is the story of the greatest Empire humanity has ever had. When members of METACULT access the continuity they witness interesting moments of the history of the Multiverse. 


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965 South E St. Unit J, San Bernardino, CA 92408

(909) 889-0697



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The Continuity

Additional Information

I haven't had time to properly present the roughs for 100 years of War with Text yet. They will be available by Founder's Day. 

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We have videos and time lapses of most of our comicbook creation process. We will also be hosting daily video streams and updates after Founder's Day 4.18.